How Do You Find a DeltaCare Dentist?

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Locate a Delta Dental dentist through Delta Dental’s online provider directory on its website. To find a Delta Dental dentist, select Delta Dental Premier, Delta Dental PPO/DPO or DeltaCare USA and a state on the start page to find a dentist under the proper insurance plan. Click Continue to proceed.

On the following page, patients have the option to search for dentists by location, last name, specialty and office features such as language, office hours and patient considerations. Patients can find dentists that have extended office hours, cater to children, are accessible by public transportation and are open on the weekends. Fill out the desired boxes before continuing onto the next page.

The next page allows patients to review the dentists that fit the chosen criteria. The page lists the contact information, office location and services performed by that office. After selecting a dentist, the patient should call the office to see if it is accepting new patients.

Patients can contact the Delta Dental customer service teams in their states to get help finding a dentist in their area too. The contact number is located on the back of the insurance card and online at Delta Dental?s official website,