What Is Dell Quickset?

Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

Dell Quickset is a firmware application that allows users to completely customize the appearance of their computer. It comes as standard on Dell models and is available for updates throughout all update cycles.

For many users, it is important that they be able to adjust the brightness of their screen, the icons that comprise their desktop and the appearance of their fonts. Dell Quickset allows users to do this. Removing Dell Quickset from the computer programming is not recommended by the company because it can change the way that the computer looks without providing a way for the appearance to be changed back to the way that the user wants it. The Dell Quickset application also allows users to adjust the volume of their computer, which is important for users who watch movies or listen to music on their Dell computer.

Dell Quickset is ideal for complete customization of the programming part of the computer because it allows users to set up specific functions for the various buttons on their laptop. For example, users can change the function of the power button to put the computer on standby when it is pressed in instead of shutting the computer off when the power button is pressed.