Where Do Deleted History Items From a Computer Go To?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Deleted history items from a computer go into the computer’s cache, or the Temporary Internet Files folder. Items in the cache may include audio, video, pictures and websites. The cache also contains cookies picked up from various websites, which help load those sites faster in the future; when a person empties the Temporary Internet Files folder, the computer does not dump cookies unless specified to do so.

People experiencing slower browsing time on the Internet should delete computer history to improve performance, but deleting cookies can actually slow down browsing even more. This is where balancing privacy and quicker web browsing becomes important. Individuals who value privacy over fast browsing should empty the cache and cookies often. For those more concerned with browsing, cookies will help speed that up.

IT professionals tell people to leave temporary history in the cache folder for those sites visited regularly and to delete the information for websites visited infrequently, but there is another option.If deleting history is not ideal and the user does not want to have a slow browser, the other option is to increase the size of the cache. The downside is that this option is only available with the Internet Explorer browser. Besides increasing the size of the cache, the computer can be set up to automatically delete the cache at regular intervals.