What Are the Definitions of Bishop?

What Are the Definitions of Bishop?

Some definitions of bishop include a person that supervises a diocese or local churches, a spiritual overseer, a playing piece in the game of chess and a hot drink made of oranges, wine and cloves. The word comes from the Old English word "bisceop."

In the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church and Anglican Communion, bishops serve as leaders and supervisors of groups of churches. Bishops carry authority and can ordain priests, deacons and other bishops.

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, bishops serve as leaders of congregations, which are called wards. Bishops work as part-time lay ministers and normally have other paid employment. Mormon bishops are always married. They preside at services and judge the worthiness of other members for service in the church.

In the game of chess, a bishop is a game piece that can move diagonally over any number of squares on the game board. Unlike the knight, the piece may not leap over other pieces. Each player starts with two bishops at the beginning of the game.

The word "bishop" may also refer to a popular warm alcoholic drink. The drink is also called the smoking bishop. Variations on the drink use different ingredients and include the smoking beadle, cardinal and pope.