What Is the Definition of Emotional Health?

According to Dr. Jeanette, emotional health is defined by an individual feeling emotional security and relaxation regularly. Abundant emotional health leads to an individual having more self esteem and being less likely to act impulsively. Many individuals are not emotionally healthy, but those willing to work toward that goal tend to develop better relationships in life.

An emotionally healthy individual is at peace with himself and with other people. Accordingly, he is less likely to judge other individuals or to criticize himself too harshly.

A large part of emotional health comes from the individual being open to feeling particular emotions instead of trying to avoid them or control them. Instead, he finds healthy ways to express his emotions in a way that allows him to assert himself in a way that is less inhibited.

Emotional wellness is related to emotional health but is not the same thing. If emotional health is represented as a fluctuating line, emotional wellness represents the highest point of that happy state of being. In psychology, the goal for every individual is to move toward a state of self-actualization, and those individuals typically experience prolonged periods of emotional wellness as they get closer to that goal of self-actualization.