How Do You Decide If You Should Leave the Lutheran Church for the Roman Catholic?


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Before becoming Roman Catholic, potential converts must undergo a lengthy and time-consuming process of initiation intended to ensure that they are making the right decision. Since during this time individuals can attend both Protestant and Catholic services, a decision does not need to be made quickly or irrevocably.

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Most adults who are considering leaving a Protestant denomination must enroll in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, or RICA, at a local Catholic church. Often taking months or even years to complete, RICA introduces inquirers to the basic tenets of the Catholic faith. The Church requires that those coming from a Protestant background thoroughly understand certain fundamental beliefs, such as the true presence of Jesus in the Sacramental bread and wine and the infallibility of the Pope. It also requires converts to publicly profess their belief in these essential tenets of the faith.

Although RCIA is the method the Catholic Church provides to ensure that potential converts make fully-informed decisions, individuals should also engage in meaningful conversations with Catholics about their faith. In general, adult converts are the best sources to talk to since they have consciously chosen the Catholic faith. In addition, the religious formation director at the local Catholic church can provide the titles of numerous books and videos to help in making this important decision.

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