How Do You Decide Which Option Is Better?


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Some strategies to help choose between different options include creating multiple options, envisioning possible positive outcomes, and proactively choosing between options. Learning to weigh options effectively and decide between them is an important skill, because vacillating between decisions can often result in missed opportunities.

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When trying to decide between options, it’s often easy to reduce the decision down to a choice between two options. With such a limited selection, it becomes easier to go back and forth between two seemingly equal choices. Having only two choices creates the false perception that one choice must be correct and the other must be incorrect. In reality, there are typically numerous options and outcomes for any given situation. Identifying three or more options can help you consider the benefits and detriments of each one and determine the best solution.

It's also important to be able to imagine the outcomes of possible choices. Focus on the potential positive outcomes, however, rather than negative ones. All too often, envisioning a possible outcome means imagining everything that might go wrong in a situation, but this type of thinking can cloud judgment. Envision opposing positive outcomes to better decide between options.

Finally, be sure to make choosing an active process. Many decisions are made by default due to procrastination or indecision. Avoid these outcomes by actively engaging the choice and making a definitive, rationed decision.

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