How Do You Deal With Selfish People?


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There are many ways to deal with selfish people, including understanding the person's position, not taking the selfishness personally, avoiding assumption, and acknowledging that some levels of selfishness are actually beneficial. These techniques can be used independently but are more optimally used together to deal with selfish individuals.

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It is important to understand the selfish person's background and position. These do not excuse the individual from his selfish acts, but rather help the person dealing with them to avoid making hasty assumptions and discover the root of the problem.

Not taking selfishness personally is very important. When the selfish person is close to the individual, such as a close friend or a family member, the individual may think that selfish actions reflect how that person feels about him. By not taking their actions personally, the individual can better help the selfish person see how the selfish acts are manifestations of what that individual thinks is lacking in his life.

It is important to avoid assumptions about selfish people. In addition to not assuming the worst about selfish motivations, an individual putting himself in the selfish person's position may discover that he does not know as much about the person as he thinks.

Finally, the individual should realize that some selfishness is important because it is an indication that the person is doing something that many neglect: taking care of himself.

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