How Do You Deal With a Narcissistic Mother?

To deal with a narcissistic mother, Psychology Today recommends learning about the common characteristics of narcissistic mothers, identifying those traits in your own mother and, if warranted, consulting a therapist. One key to overcoming the negative effects of having been raised by a narcissistic mother is knowledge of the problem.

Once adult children of narcissistic mothers have determined which narcissistic tendencies their mother had and how severe they were, they can begin to understand how her traits and behaviors affected their development and sense of independence, Psychology Today points out. In cases of narcissistic parenting, understanding the dynamics of the mother-child relationship makes it possible for people to overcome the effects of their problematic childhood. One way for children of narcissistic mothers to overcome this type of upbringing is to seek validation of their worth from people other than their mothers, such as their fathers, siblings, friends and teachers. Getting the approval of people who accept them the way they are is an essential part of rising above their past.

Traits associated with narcissistic personality disorder include arrogance, an exaggerated sense of self-importance and requiring constant admiration, according to Mayo Clinic.

Children brought up by narcissistic mothers are likely to have narcissistic tendencies themselves and commonly choose narcissistic partners in intimate relationships, notes the Huffington Post.