How Do You Deal With Insecurity?


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Some useful tactics to deal with insecurity include acknowledging the usefulness of vulnerability, creating a list of positive personal qualities, avoiding people who cause feelings of insecurity and spending time with friends who are genuinely supportive. Acknowledging and dealing with insecurity can help improve confidence and social skills.

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Insecurity can actually be a highly useful quality. Insecurity essentially implies an acknowledgement of vulnerability and imperfection, which equates to the virtue of humility. Insecure feelings arise when a person perceives and acknowledges his own flaws and shortcomings. Although it can be difficult, this self-consciousness is also necessary for personal growth. Self-centered people who never acknowledge their own faults rarely seek to improve themselves. At the same time, it's important for insecure individuals to acknowledge their own positive attributes as well.

Maintaining a collection of personal achievements can help a person restore his self-confidence during times of extreme insecurity. Collect positive feedback from friends, colleagues and bosses as reminders of personal successes. Another step to reduce insecurity is to avoid spending time with people who create negative feelings. Skip out on social engagements or events that are likely to have cliquish or gossipy people in attendance, and socialize with close, supportive friends instead.

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