How Do I Date Beswick Backstamps?

It is possible to date Beswick stamps by learning to recognize the stamp. There are ten different Beswick backstamps from different periods, and the stamp varies depending on the date or period. For example, the “Beswick Ware” stamp in gold storybook print indicates that the piece is from 1997-1999.

  1. Learn Beswick backstamps

    Use a book or website such as “Perfect Pieces” or the “Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Pottery Marks” to learn the Beswick backstamps. Website references offer the same information as books but are not always as convenient. Learning the basic descriptions is enough for recognizing most stamps. It is also possible to use a book or website reference as a guide for identifying stamps based on description before learning to recognize them.

  2. Check the Beswick stamp

    Check the Beswick stamp in question, and try to recognize it based on description. For example, a green stamp with “Beswick England” in an oval or round shape is a post-war stamp from the 1920’s.

  3. Double check the stamp

    Cross-reference the stamp with a book or website reference to ensure that the identification is correct. Consider cross referencing the image with a picture of the stamp in a book or on the Internet.