What Is a DASH Diet 28-Day Meal Plan?


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A DASH Diet 28-day meal plan would be a meal plan that lasts 28 days and incorporates all of the DASH diet recommendations, which is often recommended to people who need to lower their sodium levels due to high blood pressure or heart conditions, according to the Mayo Clinic. A full 28-day meal plan can be given to patients by their doctors or can be found in print through books, such as "The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution."

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What Is a DASH Diet 28-Day Meal Plan?
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The DASH diet comes in two forms, according to the Mayo Clinic: the standard DASH diet and the lower sodium DASH diet. In the standard DASH diet, the person is able to eat 2,300 milligrams of sodium or less per day, while in the lower sodium DASH diet, the person is able to eat 1,500 milligrams of sodium or less per day. On the DASH diet, people eat as many vegetables and fruits as they like with low-fat dairy options. Whole grains, poultry, nuts and fish are allowed in conservative amounts.

The 28-day meal plan focuses on creating recipes that follow these food group guidelines and makes it easy for someone to follow the diet. These 28-day meal plans can be rearranged and there is not one "set" plan. Many people have created different 28-day meal plans for patients, with one of the most popular being the one found in the book "The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution" written by Marla Heller, MS, RD.

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