What Is a Dake Bible?

A Dake Bible is an annotated reference version of the Holy Bible created by Dake publishing. The original Dake Annotated Reference Bible was transcribed by Reverend Finis Jennings Drake, giving birth to the Christian publishing company in 1961.

The first version of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible launched the company in 1961, and the complete version was released in 1963. Reverend Dake was a leader in what would become modern day Pentecostalism and dedicated his life to the cause.

After its inception as a small Christian publishing company in Missouri, Dake has grown with the times to offer a wide variety of services to its followers. Reverend Dake started this growth with a radio program that he hosted twice a week in the 1960s, growing to what the company has become today. Dake now annotates two different versions of the King James Bible in an organized and easily understandable manner. The company also offers online applications to accommodate the role technology plays in the lives of its 21st Century readers. Other things the company offers include a set of DVDs, charts and visuals for learners of all ages, audio tapes of the Annotated Bible and Spanish translations of all of the above.