How Do You Get Your Free Daily Lucky Numbers?


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Free daily lucky numbers are available through various websites, including LotteryPrediction.net and Numerology.com, as well as mobile apps and online lucky number generators. LotteryPrediction.net provides lucky numbers based on the date and a person's astrological sign. Users get pick-three and pick-four selections, along with 12 general lucky numbers for the day. Numerology.com delivers four lucky numbers based on the date, the user's birth date and his birth name.

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Free lucky number apps are available for some mobile devices. Today Lucky Number for Android gives the user a new lucky number each day, based on the user's date of birth and astrological sign. The app also offers a daily lucky lottery number that features six digits between one and 49, along with a lucky color of the day and lucky dates for the future.

Lucky number generators are available online and for mobile devices. Horoscope.com lets visitors generate free lucky numbers that include one to 10 separate numbers. Users may also enter an upper limit for the numbers the generator includes. The Michigan lottery website hosts another lucky number generator. Players select a game, such as the Michigan Mega Millions, keno or Daily Four, and click the generate button to see their game-specific lucky numbers for the day.

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