What Are Some Cute Baby Boy Names?

Cute names for baby boys inspired by animals include Marley (inspired by the movie “Marley and Me”), Leo and Felix. Bird-inspired names, such as Robin and Phoenix, also are popular, according to Bounty.

Some of the most unusual names for baby boys in 2013 were Tiger, Victory and London, according to Bounty. Kassius, Tory, Luck and Dior were also on the list. The Bump states that popular names for baby boys also include Abby, a boy’s name that also can be feminine, which means “joy of the father.” Biblical names, such as Aaron, which means “strong” or “exalted,” also made the list of popular boy names.

Additional names include Cagney, an Irish name that means “descendant of the advocate” and Maalik, a name of Arabic origin that translates to “owns” or “possesses.” Madison, an English name that means “son of Matthew,” is a cute name for a boy, but could also be a baby girl’s name. Mace, another cute English name, means “gift of God.”

The most popular names for boys include Noah, Aiden and Alexander, according to The Bump. Classic but cute baby names for boys include Benjamin, William and Samuel, as these names can be shortened to Ben, Will or Sam.