How Do You Cut Wax Candles?

Paul Maingot/CC-BY 2.0

Cut wax candles by using a knife or chisel depending on the type of candle. The time needed for this project depends on how much wax you want to cut. You need a putty knife or brownie cutter, a hammer, a chisel and a utility knife.

  1. Choose the right tools

    Decide what kind of tools you need by the type of candle you want to cut. Container candles are easier to cut and require a putty knife or brownie cutter. Pillar candles are made of a harder wax and can require heftier tools, such as a hammer and chisel.

  2. Score the wax

    For pillar and votive candles, decide where you want to cut. Next, score a line along the wax using a utility knife. For thicker candles, score as deeply as possible. For container candles, score the wax all the way through using a putty knife.

  3. Break the wax

    Once you score the candle, find a hard surface, and break the wax on it by hitting the scored area against the hard surface. If the wax is still too thick, break out the hammer and chisel. Place the chisel on the scored line, and carefully strike it with a hammer until the candle is cut.