What Are Current Issues Facing Christianity?

Some current issues facing Christianity in 2015 include a lack of outreach zeal, biblical illiteracy, people becoming less spiritual, participation in community-based projects rather than church matters and embracing tolerance rather than biblical principles. Since its founding, Christianity has faced challenges ranging from staunch opposition to competing religions and counterfeit teachings.

Christianity is one of the most popular religions in the world today. However, various subdivisions, called denominations, and other religions have contributed to the increasing challenges faced by Christians.

A good example of a challenge facing Christianity is that most people have embraced tolerance instead of biblical principles. In 2015, a church is likely to tolerate same-sex marriages instead of condemning the act.

Instead of people reading and carefully learning what the Bible says, most are relying on Sunday church services for their Christian knowledge. This means most people do not really know the contents of the Bible but are rather only knowledgeable on the few verses taught in a church service.

While in the past Christians sought to spread the good news, today most Christians are content sharing with fellow Christians only. Evangelism is left to prominent preachers, while many church members do not participate in outreaches aimed at winning over non-Christians.