What Does a CT Scan Machine Look Like?

A computed tomography, or CT scan, machine is large, with a box-like shape and a hole in the middle, according to RadiologyInfo. The CT scan machine has a rotating X-ray tube and digital X-ray detectors placed opposite one another in a ring called a gantry.

CT scanning is similar to X-ray examinations, as it involves the absorption of X-rays in different degrees, notes RadiologyInfo. It identifies various body parts on a CT electronic image based on the amount of X-rays the organs absorb. Compared to traditional X-ray examinations, which use a tiny amount of radiation onto a particular part of the body, CT scanning uses numerous X-ray beams on various body areas.

A patient slides through the hole in the machine while positioned on a movable table and exits the short tunnel, states RadiologyInfo. The examination table sometimes moves, enabling the X-ray beam to follow a swirling route. In another control room, a technologist operates the CT scan machine, processes the images and observes the procedure through direct visual contact. He uses a speaker and a microphone to hear and communicate with the patient.

The technologist uses a special computer program to process the massive volume of data, generating two-dimensional, cross-sectional photos of the patient’s body, says RadiologyInfo. The resulting images on a monitor are extremely detailed, multidimensional views of the internal organs.