What Are Some Critical Thinking Skills Activities?


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Some activities that enhance critical thinking skills include guessing the emotions as expressed in another person's face, deciphering the clues while watching a TV crime drama, deciding on the meaning of a proverb and sifting through an Internet search for reliable sources, says Rasmussen College. These activities help an individual develop interpretation, inference, analysis and evaluation skills, respectively.

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Interpretation means taking in information, understanding it and expressing it to others in a coherent way, according to Rasmussen College. To test and strengthen these skills, reading facial emotions and identifying them forces individuals to focus on details and specific aspects of expression to correctly define the emotion conveyed. Such skills enhance the ability to interpret information in a wide range of situations. Similarly, picking out a series of clues in a television crime drama forces individuals to evaluate the worthiness of a range of details to use in figuring out a specific problem.

One of the most useful critical thinking skills involves analysis, that is figuring out meaning from a verbal passage or work such as a proverb, explains Rasmussen College. Such analysis is accomplished by connecting specific bits of information and suggestions to infer a larger meaning. This is somewhat similar to evaluation in which the inherent worthiness of material can be deciphered through additional, indirect or minor information connected to the material.

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