How Do You Create a Tick Box in Excel?

To create a tick box in Excel, view the Developer tab, click on Insert, select Check Box under Form Controls, and on the worksheet, click on the location of the check box. To specify the properties, right-click on the check box, and select Format Control.

  1. Navigate to the Developer tab

    Click on the Developer tab in the toolbar. If the Developer tab is not a viewable option in the toolbar, display it by clicking on the Microsoft Office button and selecting Excel Options. Then navigate to the Popular category, and click on Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon, which is listed under Top Options for Working with Excel. Click OK to confirm.

  2. Insert a check box

    From the Developer tab, select Insert, which is in the Controls group. Then click on Check Box, which is under Form Controls.

  3. Select a location for the check box

    In the worksheet, click on the cell where you want the upper-left corner of the control to be.

  4. Edit the check box

    Right-click on the control, and select Format Control from the menu. From Format Control, click on Value. From this menu, select to display the boxes as Checked, Unchecked or Mixed, which applies to check-box controls with multiple selections.