How Do You Create a Tally Sheet in Excel?

Create a tally sheet in Excel by creating a new spreadsheet with two columns. Write a category in each of the left hand column’s rows; for example, if you asked people what their favorite TV show is, the left column would contain the names of the different shows that people told you. The right-hand column contains each category’s frequency; if 20 people said they like “Game of Thrones,” enter “20” next to the “Game of Thrones” row.

If you are using the tally sheet to count events, such as the number of cars that pass through an intersection, leave the right-hand column blank. The left-hand column still includes information regarding what the sheet counts. Use the empty column as a space to enter the tally marks.

Name each column to complete the tally. Present the information as a graph by highlighting all of the data and selecting Excel’s Insert tab. Select the style of graph you wish to create, and use the Layout tools to fine-tune the formatting. Label the chart’s axes and add a legend and a title for the finished chart.

A wide variety of blank Excel templates are available online for free; to download templates, open Excel and select New. Search for keywords via the dialog box.