How Do You Create a Program for a Church Event?

To create a program for a church event, list the name of the person or people leading the service and the theme of the service, include upcoming church events, list ways for church members to connect outside of the service, and choose a style for the program that reflects the service's style and audience. If the church has a website or social media pages, include this information in the program as well.

The program should state the order of the service as well as the dates and times of the next service. The program is an opportunity to share the church's activities and events that church members can attend. Use artwork to make the program visually attractive or use photos from church events.

Tailor the program to the type of service and the anticipated audience. For example, if the church service is modern, include casual language and modern fonts to set a lighthearted mood for the service. A more formal service calls for a program with formal fonts and professional language as well as formal depictions of spiritual symbols such as a cross.

If you're creating similar programs for a number of different services, create a template using a software program. Some software programs offer templates for personalized church programs.

Always proofread the draft of the program to remove inaccuracies and misspellings.