How Do You Create Your Own Bible Word Search?


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To make your own Bible word search, navigate to ArmoredPenguin.com and click on the Word Search Puzzle Generator link. Gather a list of up to 58 words related to the Bible. Enter this set of words in the provided boxes, and choose your desired decorative options. Click Make Puzzle.

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Words in your set can be found within the Bible or directly related to Bible passages. Examples of words include "affliction," "captivity," "dedication," "Eden," "Egypt," "heaven," "Jesus," "mountains," "repentance," "resurrection" and "wrath."

ArmoredPenguin.com requires users to list an author, title and description of the puzzle to generate a printable PDF word search. Optional decorative options include a background image or color, font size and style, and the color of the puzzle. You can choose the format of the puzzle, such as forward and down, allowing diagonal words, and allowing cross words and reverse words. The website provides additional word-set forms if you wish to include more than 58 words in a single puzzle. The larger puzzles take longer to generate, however.

Creating a basic Bible word search is free on ArmoredPenguin.com, but additional options, such as choosing a background image instead of a color, are available with an annual subscription to the website.

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