How Do You Create a Church Bulletin Board?


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In order to create a church bulletin board, you must first determine what theme the board will be based on. Themes can be based on bible verses, holidays, special sermons, or general church recognition and events.

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How Do You Create a Church Bulletin Board?
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KidsSundaySchool.com provides numerous church bulletin board theme ideas. The "God is Good" theme features a blanket filled with food and drinks laying on the ground, while a cloud that says "God is Good" hovers above and casts down stars to the items below. In order to create this bulletin board theme, various colors of construction paper, candy, adhesive stars and a milk carton is needed.

To get started, print out the templates located at KidsSundaySchool.com and use them to cut out the corresponding construction paper for each design element. These parts consist of the blanket, various food items, the cloud and lettering. Once each design piece has been cut out, attach the pieces to the board using glue or another type of adhesive following the specific instructions given.

Attach the stars as if they were falling from the cloud. Allow some to land on top of the food items and blanket. For the milk carton, cut the carton in half and attach the cut part to the bulletin board using glue. This gives the board a three-dimensional aspect.

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