Which Country Has the Highest GNP Per Capita?


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According to the World Bank, Bermuda's GNP of $104,590 was the largest in the world as of 2012. Norway is a close second, with $98,780 per capita. At the bottom of the list is the Democratic Republic of Congo, with $230 per capita.

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For some countries, however, such as Somalia and Liechtenstein, the World Bank does not have data, making a direct comparison impossible. "GNP" stands for "gross national product," which indicates the entire value added to the residents of a country from both domestic and foreign sources of investment.This contrasts with GDP, or gross domestic product, which includes only goods and services produced inside a particular country. Sometimes, economists use the abbreviation "GNI," which stands for "gross national income," instead of "GNP." The two measurements, however, describe the same data in the same way.

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