What Countries Use Nuclear Power?


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According to the World Nuclear Association, 31 different countries operate nuclear power plants. The total output of these reactors represents 11 percent of the energy produced all around the world each year. Many countries are working to increase their nuclear capabilities, but others, specifically Germany and Switzerland, have plans to decommission their reactors and revert completely to other forms of energy production.

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Asian countries using nuclear power include China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Japan, Taiwan, India and South Korea. South Africa is the only African nation that relies on nuclear power to any extent. In the Western Hemisphere, only the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil use nuclear power plants to produce energy. The United States has the distinction of having the most active reactors, with more than 100.

Many European countries use nuclear power plants to produce energy. France, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Netherlands, Slovenia and Belarus use nuclear reactors to supply some of their energy.

Producing nuclear weapons requires different equipment and technology than producing nuclear power. Accordingly, only eight countries in the world are thought to possess nuclear weapons. These include the United States, Russia, China, Great Britain, France, Pakistan, India and Israel.

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