What Countries Have Kings and Queens Today?

Countries that have kings and queens as of 2015 include Saudi Arabia, Swaziland, Jordan, Morocco and the United Kingdom Commonwealth. These monarchs either are the head of state, have some power or are figureheads.

As of 2015, 43 countries have monarchies and are ruled by 26 kings, queens, emirs, emperors or sultans. One of these is the royal family of the United Kingdom Commonwealth or the Commonwealth of Nations. This commonwealth is made up of countries formerly part of the British Empire of which the Queen of England is a symbolic figurehead. Some of these countries include England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium all have monarchs that act as figureheads. Monarchies as figureheads in Asia include Cambodia, Malaysia and Japan.

Some countries have monarchs that have some power such as Monaco, Tonga, Bhutan, Thailand and Liechtenstein. For instance, the monarchs of Liechtenstein and Thailand can veto legislation, while the king of Tonga willingly gave up the majority of his power in 2006.

A few countries have absolute monarchies including emirs, kings and sultans. Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are all ruled by emirs. Sultans rule Brunei and Oman. Kings as monarchs head the countries of Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco and Swaziland. Swaziland is one of the only African countries with an absolute ruler. The Vatican is also considered a country ruled by the pope.