What Countries Are Imperialist?

Many countries in history have spawned empires that have come to define their respective eras, but the three contemporary nations most often talked about in terms of Imperialist intentions are Russia, the United States and China. Each of these nations has made advancements, both in the past and the present, toward colonizing overseas territories for their own gain.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, for example, took control of Crimea after invading Ukraine in 2014 as a means of increasing Russia's territorial size and strength. In this respect, Russia is again demonstrating Imperialist intent, which is essentially the designation of other countries as enemies to be conquered.

The United States has frequently been criticized for its invasion of Afghanistan as a clear attempt to increase the global strength and dominion of the American Empire. The plans for such an empire were drawn up in the 1940s, with Israel becoming a strategic colony in the Middle East some time later.

Finally, China has invested heavily in African mining operations, causing concern to other imperial agents, such as the United States and the European Union. By providing its own labor, skills and technology, China is said to have effectively taken ownership of Africa's natural resources.