What Are Some Countries Where Children Work on Dump Sites?


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Children live and work in garbage dump communities in impoverished regions of countries such as such as Honduras, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and Peru. Garbage dump communities exist in many parts of world on nearly every continent.

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In some developing regions, the poorest citizens are forced to make a living by picking through landfills to salvage recyclable materials. Communities develop around the landfills, and entire families including small children live and work among the garbage. These garbage dump communities exist in severely impoverished regions on almost every continent, including Haiti and the Dominican Republic in North America; Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panama in Central America; and Peru, Bolivia and Brazil in South America. Children also work in garage dump communities in Asia, such as the ones in Pakistan and Indonesia, and in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Kenya and Egypt in Africa.

Charities have formed to help the people living in these communities. International Samaritan and Trash Mountain Project are two nonprofit organizations that serve these communities by building schools and vocational centers for children and young adults, providing health and dental care, serving nutritious food, and building wells to provide fresh water. They also build homes for families in need.

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