What Could Cause a Sudden Sharp Pain in One Eye?

Glaucoma can cause a sudden, sharp pain in one eye, explains Everyday Health. A glaucoma attack, also known as acute angle closure glaucoma, causes pressure inside the eye to rise unexpectedly. Outflow blockage of aqueous humor can cause elevated levels of intraocular pressure, notes eMedicineHealth.

Glaucoma, which is common among people with advanced age, may become degenerative if left untreated, notes Everyday Health. Signs and symptoms of glaucoma include red eyes, cloudy vision, nausea and vomiting. A glaucoma attack can give rise to pain that may last for a long period and aggravate with time. Pain that worsens with eye motion may signify that the patient has eye socket problems.

Optic neuritis; ocular fatigue, a condition that may result from reading without proper glass protection; and Tolosa-Hunt syndrome, which refers to inflammation of the back of the eye, may cause unexpected, sharp eye pain, reports Everyday Health. Viral infections, bacterial infections and multiple sclerosis can cause optic neuritis, explains eMedicineHealth. Other causes of eye pain include sinusitis, migraines and inflammation of the iris.

Trauma may cause corneal abrasion, leading to severe eye pain, adds Everyday Health. Eye pain that occurs along with headache may be a symptom of a brain disease. A person who experiences sudden sharp pain in the eye should consult with an ophthalmologist to determine the exact cause of the problem.