How Does the Cost of Living in Japan Compare to the Cost of Living in the United States?


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Cost of living between the United States and Japan depends on various factors, including the prices of rent, groceries and consumer products, and the cities in question. For example, rent prices are 36.94 percent higher in the United States than in Japan, and restaurant prices are 51.66 percent higher.

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Grocery prices are 12.85 percent lower in the United States, and local purchasing power is 20.55 percent higher, meaning people in the United States can buy more for their money than in Japan. However, this is an average between the two countries, and comparing cities rather than countries offers a more complete picture. For example, Tokyo (16th in the world) and New York (4th in the world) are two of the most expensive places to live, but the area outside these major metropolitan centers is usually much more affordable.

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