How Do You Correct a Brother Printer Drum Error?

To correct a Brother printer drum error, you must clean the drum. If the error still occurs after the drum has been properly cleaned, purchase and install a new drum. The drum error code appears when the LED lights on the control panel next to the words drum and error are blinking simultaneously.

To clean the drum, open the front of the machine, and allow the machine to cool down for at least 10 minutes. Next, carefully remove the drum and toner cartridge assembly from the machine. Brother suggests that you place the drum and toner cartridge assembly onto a clean, flat surface that is covered with disposable paper in case of any spills. Also, be sure not to touch any of the exposed electrodes. Next, clean the primary corona wire that is inside the drum by gently sliding the green tab back and forth several times.

Make sure that you set the triangle that is located on the green tab back to its home position prior to installation of the drum. If you do not, printed pages may have vertical lines running through them. Lastly, install the drum back into its housing within the machine, and close the front cover.