What Are Some Coping Strategies for Dealing With Stressful Situations?


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Coping strategies for stressful situations include expressing your feelings about the situation, limiting exposure to stressors, using immediate stress relief strategies and making a plan to solve problems as they arise. Taking a break from the stressful situation to gain composure can also be helpful.

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Being assertive in a stressful situation is healthier than keeping emotions bottled up. Communicating issues in a respectful way is more likely to result in positive outcomes for everyone involved. A breakdown in communication can complicate problems and lead to increased negativity between people, while open communication clarifies each person's position and makes it easier to discuss possible solutions.

Limiting exposure to stressful situations can sometimes be an appropriate response to stress. Decreasing contact with people who are negative or abusive helps limit stressful situations.

Limiting obligations and learning time management skills can help when being overbooked causes high levels of stress.

Using immediate relief strategies such as deep breathing helps maintain control and leads to more reasonable responses to the situation. Counting to 10 before responding to an issue is a good way to keep emotions in check and avoid overreacting.

Differentiating between problems that are solvable and those that are not is helpful when dealing with difficult situations. Being proactive by brainstorming possible solutions to fixable issues decreases stress, while fixating on the negative aspects of a situation is likely to increase negative emotions.

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