How Do You Convert Women’s Pants Sizes to Inches?

Converting women’s pant sizes to inches is not an exact science, because different clothing designers can define their sizes differently. However, several online resources provide charts that show approximate conversions. You can use one of these charts to get an idea of how your pants convert to inches.

  1. Measure waist and hips

    Take a standard tape measure, and measure your waist and hips or those of whomever needs a pant-size conversion.

  2. Find a conversion chart

    If you are buying clothes online, check the manufacturer’s website for a sizing chart. These are often provided for your convenience, but if one is not available, use one of the numerous general charts online.

  3. Compare your measurements

    Most online charts provide both waist and hip measurements to a corresponding U.S. size. Find the size you want to convert, and look down the corresponding column for the measurements in inches. Use your own measurements for comparison.