How Do I Convert Winmail.dat Attachments?

Use the Winmail.dat Reader to view, copy and paste the content into a word processor for conversion. You can also use an online conversion service to prevent installing a program on your computer. You only need a Winmail.dat file, a reader and a word processor to get started.

  1. Save the Winmail.dat file

    Open your Web browser, and sign in to your email account. Save the Winmail.dat file to your computer.

  2. Install Winmail.dat Reader

    Open a new browser tab, and navigate to the Winmail-dat website. Download and install the program on your computer. Alternatively, access the Winmaildat website if you prefer not to install a program. Follow the on-screen instructions to view the file.

  3. Open Winmail.dat Reader

    Open Winmail.dat Reader once it installs. Click Open Winmail.dat, and browse your folders for the file you saved. Select your file, and click Open. Press the “Ctrl” and “A” keys to select the text. Right-click the selection, and select Copy.

  4. Open a word processor

    Open Wordpad, Notepad, Microsoft Word or a similar word processor. Once it opens, right-click the empty white space, and select Paste. This command copies the text from the Winmail.dat Reader to the word processor. Click File, and save the content in your preferred file format.