How Do You Convert Cooking Times Between the High and Low Settings on a Crock-Pot?

taz + belly/CC-BY 2.0

It is best to stick to the original temperature setting for the recipe, however an hour on a Crock-Pot’s high setting converts to two or two-and-a-half hours on its low setting. When changing from a high to low setting, or vice versa, other recipe adjustments may be necessary.

In general, the cooking time in a Crock-Pot sits at around eight to 10 hours on the lower setting. High setting cooking times may range a bit more, though typically falling between the four and six hour mark.

The high temperature setting on a Crock-Pot is about 300 degrees Fahrenheit, while the low temperature setting is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The type of food that is being cooked in the Crock-Pot determines a recommendation of the high or low setting. For example, meats such as beef typically cook better on a low setting, while chicken cooks better at the higher setting.

When adjusting from a lower to a higher setting, add more water to the recipe to account for boil off of the water. It is important to check the amount of spices in the recipe and adjust as necessary, as some flavors can become more intense as sauces cook down on higher settings.