What Is the Content for an Impersonal Communication?

The content for an impersonal communication is informal, usually covering topics based on the social role of the communicator. Most impersonal communications are used to conduct sales or similar transactions.

Impersonal communications are superficial; they are a one-size-fits-all type of communication. Advertisers use impersonal communication to target a specific audience, but that communication is not necessarily directed towards one specific individual. Impersonal communication in advertising is meant to draw a customer to the store or business, and it's usually devoid of any human character.

Impersonal communication treats people as objects. The communication is mechanical, and it is usually intended for people who have no connection and no potential for any future relationship.

In settings outside of business, people use impersonal communication as a choice because they do not want to get to close to anyone. People choose to use impersonal communication when they do not want to divulge or give away their feelings. A person may choose to use impersonal communication while handling transactions at a bank or when he is checking out at the grocery store. Some people use impersonal communication when the potential to have a relationship with another person is there, but they do not desire a close relationship.