What Is Considered Traditional Polish Clothing?

Polish national costume varies by region, though people in most regions wear clothing styles that are brightly colored and decorated with embroidery and beads. The traditional clothing of most regions in Poland consists of a full skirt and blouse for women and long trousers and a vest for men, according to the State Ethnographical Museum in Warsaw. Women also wear hats or headpieces that reflect their marital status and wealth.

The clothing of the Western Krakow region is the national costume with which most people outside of Poland are most familiar. According to the Polish art and design website, Culture.pl, the traditional clothing of this region is recognizable by the snug-fitting embroidered waistcoats worn by both men and women. The vests have a dark base color such as black or dark brown and are embellished with designs made from many brightly colored threads. These designs take many different shapes, but geometrical or floral patterns are especially popular.

Traditional clothing is still worn by people in Poland, though generally only at festivals or special events such as weddings. In their day-to-day lives, most people from all areas of Poland wear jeans, T-shirts, business suits and other styles worn by people all over the world.