Who Are Considered Some False Trinity Broadcasting Network Preachers?


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Among the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s false preachers are Paul and Jan Crouch, Benny Hinn, and John Avanzini, according to The Forbidden Knowledge. The Crouches are considered particularly false for their constant pleas for money, including suggestions that viewers send their grocery money to secure God’s blessings.

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The Crouches have several homes and enjoy many luxuries such as private jets. The TBN demographic from whom they plea for money is generally poor, elderly and sick.

Benny Hinn has revived the Holy Trinity so that there are actually nine gods. He has made claims such as that Jesus became one in nature with Satan and that Adam was a superhuman who could fly.

John Avanzini has preached that Jesus lived in a big house and wore designer clothes and that he and the apostles had a big money-handling operation.

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