What Is Considered Effective Communication?

considered-effective-communication Credit: SFT HQ/CC-BY 2.0

Effective communication is considered the successful transfer of information from one person to another so that the receiving party understands the message. Effective communication employs social skills in addition to talking. Communication is essential to bonding and solving problems.

Effective communication involves more than talking; nonverbal communication through body language is also important. Good communication requires good listening, which means the listener understands the speaker and asks questions when something is unclear. The ability to read and empathize with the emotions of the person with whom you’re communicating is also crucial; empathy makes for better understanding between the two parties. Being able to manage stress during the communication process is also important; when people don't understand each other, frustration can escalate quickly and break the bond that was created.

Effective communication can improve relationships with friends, family and loved ones, colleagues at work, and people in various social situations. Communication connects people to each other and enables people to build trust with others to help solve problems and overcome difficulties. It improves teamwork and enables the decision-making process and problem solving. Companies that have good communication among employees — between management and assistants and among colleagues — enjoy a better work environment, job longevity and more financial success.