What Is the Connection Between Prayer and Breakfast?


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People pray before breakfast or another meal to celebrate who God is, thank Him for providing the food and redirect the heart. Many people pray before breakfast because it starts the day with a proper attitude of thankfulness.

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Prayer before meals is not required in the Bible, explains StudentSoul. However, many people choose to do so because it helps them regularly focus their minds on God. In prayer, a person worships God and celebrates His importance. This places the person praying in a place of humility and lifts God to a place of honor.

Prayer before meals is also a way to thank God for the availability of the food. Jesus set the example many times by thanking God either before or after the meal. When people thank God for their food, they recognize that everything they have was given to them through God's kindness. As one might thank a dinner host, so one thanks God for his provision.

Praying before meals helps redirect the heart away from attitudes like self-absorption and towards an other-centered attitude. Because almost all people eat multiple times a day, prayer before each meal serves as a frequent reminder that people are not meant to live for themselves but for a good and gracious God.

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