What Is the Connection Between Love Compatibility and Birth Date?


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Astrology and numerology address love compatibility using the dates of birth of the partners. In astrology, compatibility is determined by analyzing other key elements of the partners' astrology charts, such as the position of the sun, the moon, Venus, Mars, the asteroid Juno and the Vertex point. In numerology, compatibility is estimated by comparing the Lifepath numbers (the sum of all digits in the date of birth) of the partners.

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In astrology, sun and moon signs are considered to show how people relate to men and women, respectively, as well as how they express these aspects of themselves. Venus and Mars are linked to the expression of love and sexuality. Juno is related to marriage. Generally, if key planets and asteroids are interpositioned harmoniously, the relationship is considered to have an easy flow. For example, the sun signs Sagittarius and Aquarius are considered to have great communication, similar ideals, and a need for individuality and freedom within a relationship.

Numerological compatibility is based on the idea that each number has a specific energy that influences a person's life and destiny. If the energies of the numbers that influence two love partners are similar or complementary, their relationship can be naturally fulfilling. In the case of other combinations, a relationship can pose certain challenges that need to be overcome for the lovers to be happy together. According to numerologists, dates of birth reveal people's needs, goals, ideals and limitations.

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