How Do You Connect a Tablet to a Cell Phone?

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

The strongest and most secure way to connect a cell phone and a tablet is through a physical connection, such as a USB cord. A cell phone and tablet may also be connected wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Connecting the two devices allows files and data to be freely shared between them.

A USB cord can be used to connect, or tether, a cell phone and a tablet only if the tablet or its accessory keyboard supports a USB connection. Connecting via Wi-Fi requires the cell phone to have wireless hotspot capabilities. Once the cell phone hotspot has been turned on, the tablet should be able to find the phone’s wireless network. Under the list of wireless networks, click on the one produced by the phone and enter the corresponding password in order to tether the tablet to the phone.

The final way to connect a cell phone and a tablet is via Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth capabilities of both devices and make sure both devices are visible. Choose one device and click on the name of the other device in the list of discoverable devices. Pair the two devices together using the given pass code. Once the devices are paired, they are connected.