How Do You Connect Your Laptop to a DJ Mixer?

To connect a laptop to a DJ mixer and then to speakers, it is necessary to daisy-chain the connectors. The sound signal travels from the laptop, through the mixer and out through the speakers.

  1. Gather all necessary cables

    Plug the laptop into a power supply to ensure plenty of battery life. Then, locate a 1/8 inch male-male RCA audio cable. The plug should be on both ends, and an adapter may be necessary for the cord to fit into the mixer. A larger male-male cable will typically connect the mixer to the speakers. Before connecting any cables, inspect them for frays, kinks or bends that could impede signal or pose a fire hazard. Ensure all volumes are at reasonable levels to avoid damaging equipment.

  2. Connect the laptop to the mixer

    Plug the smaller end of the male-male cable into the laptop’s headphone jack. Then, plug the other end into the Line In port on the mixer.

  3. Connect the mixer to the speakers

    Plug the speaker cable into the Line Out jack on the mixer. If there are multiple Line In/Out pairs, make sure the cables are going into the same numbers, for example Line 1 In and Line 1 Out.

  4. Adjust the sound levels

    Use the slider bars on the mixer to adjust the levels. The mixer affects sound to the speaker more directly than the laptop.