How Do You Connect With God?


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Connect with God by praying with someone else, memorizing the Bible, celebrating life and performing anonymous acts of kindness. Additionally, connect with God by resting and reflecting, disconnecting electronics, abstaining from junk food and taking care of the environment.

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Sharing struggles in life and praying with another person may initially feel awkward, but can connect you with both God and the other person. Memorizing the Bible enables you to make good decisions and recall God's promises. Celebrate life by dancing, eating a delicious meal or participating in other enjoyable activities. Additionally, doing secret acts of kindness promotes humility, reminds you that God's approval is what matters most and draws you closer to God.

Taking one day a week off to rest and reflect helps to remove distractions and allows you to get closer to God. Also, unplugging electronic devices and getting away from technology can help remove distractions and allow you to feel God's presence. Similarly, taking a break from junk food can be a good exercise in self-control and help you to be more thankful for life's indulgences. Taking care of the environment can help you connect with God by reinforcing the idea that God created the world for humans to take care of and enjoy.

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