How Do You Connect a DVD Player to a Flat Screen Samsung Television?

DVD players are connected to Samsung televisions through one of four different types of cable. They are HDMI, AV, S-Video and Component Video. Which one to choose depends on the connections on both the television and the DVD player.

  1. Inspect
  2. The first step in connecting a DVD player to a flat screen Samsung television is deciding what cables to use. To do that, look at the back of the television and the DVD player. There will be at least one set of connections on both that are the same.

  3. Decide on the connection to be used
  4. In most cases, there will be more than one choice of connections to use. HDMI offers the best quality video and audio so should be chosen if possible. Almost all modern DVD players and televisions have HDMI connections. If HDMI connections are not available the next best quality connection is Component Video, followed by S-Video, followed by AV.

  5. Connect them
  6. Switch the television and the DVD player off and use a suitable cable to connect, using the chosen jacks. With cables like HDMI and AV there is only one component on each end. Component Video, on the other hand, has three connectors at each end. Make sure the correct connector goes into the correct jack.