How Has Confucianism Influenced Chinese Society?

Confucianism has been integral to the formation of modern Chinese society by encouraging social order, respect for the elderly, the elevation of teachers, and the good of the community. Confucianism informs and influences Chinese culture comprehensively.

Humanism is at the center of Confucian philosophy. It elevates to the rank of the sacred many elements of secular everyday life. This has a strong influence on the tenets of Chinese political thought and the moral atmosphere in Chinese culture.

Ren is a cultural obligation toward altruistic behavior. Li is a system of rituals that prescribes expected behavior in society while yi is the system by which morality and righteousness are upheld. These systems of morality are determined internally by the tenets of Confucianism and maintain a strong presence in thought and action in modern China. They also present a distinct cultural link to the country’s past and to the individuals who contributed to its legacy.

Zhi is perception of the right and wrong in others and their actions. It is the metric by which a good citizen should assess and act when interacting with others. These concepts hold considerable weight within the larger framework of Confucian thought and are the basis of the philosophy’s continued traction and power.