What Are Cone-Shaped Objects?

Sanmi Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Examples of items that are cone-shaped or conic in design are the waffle cone, paper megaphone, traffic cone, funnel, Christmas tree and party hat. Some decorative items, such as lamp shades, earrings or brooches, are also shaped like coes. The hives of bald-faced hornets display a conic shape.

A cone is defined as a pyramid that features a circular cross section. Right cones feature a vertex that is aligned above the base’s center. Oblique cones display a vertex that is indirectly positioned above the center of the base.

The Orkin Company says that the cone-shaped nest of bald-faced hornets is an aerial nest that is usually suspended in a tree or beneath an overhang. Made of paper, the nest can grow as big as a basketball in only a few months. As many as 700 hornets can live in a cone-shaped beehive at one time.

The bald-faced hornet, which is bigger in size than a yellow jacket, also builds cone-shaped nests in bushes and inside of buildings. According to Orkin, each colony begins in the spring when the queen begins laying her eggs. The larvae that hatch from the eggs become the worker bees that help expand the nest for future inhabitants.