How Compatible Are a Leo Female and Taurus Male?

The compatibility of a Leo female and Taurus male is largely good as both are loyal and tend to value relationships strongly. The passion factor is high, and both signs love to enjoy life and the things they have or have created. On the other hand, both signs can be stubborn, so compromise is hard to come by. They also tend to use indifference as a punishment and engage in angry fights.

Incredibly, part of what makes these signs compatible is complementary friction. Taurus are mellow to a fault and often reserved. On the other hand, Leos crave attention and a certain amount of adulation. They tend to get upset if they feel like their needs are being ignored. However, both take immense pride in things that they create, and it is even better when they have created something together.

A Leo woman is both generous and proud. She is willing to give respect, but wants that same respect in return. She does not suffer being bossed around and needs to feel loved and admired.

The Taurus man is even tempered and likes stability. However, he is also determined to realize his ambitions and will not let anyone stand in his way.