What Is the Compatibility of a Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man?

Because Taurus and Capricorn are both Earth signs, the relationship between the Taurus woman and the Capricorn man is highly compatible. Both partners are interested in a committed, loyal relationship.

Some astrologers believe that Taurus and Capricorn are soul mates. The highly feminine Taurus woman, ruled by Venus, attracts the masculine, ambitious Capricorn man. Both signs are down-to-earth and tend to favor traditional values. A Taurus woman is often happy in the role of homemaker, while a Capricorn man wants to bring home the bacon. A Taurus woman achieves financial security with a Capricorn man, and she appreciates the nice gifts he buys her.

The main difference between the two signs is that Capricorn is cardinal while Taurus is fixed. This means that a creative Capricorn man is more flexible than a Taurus woman, who can be resistant to change. A Capricorn man needs to make his Taurus partner feel secure, and he needs to keep her in the loop about his important life decisions.

As long as a Capricorn man can balance work and family and a Taurus woman can control her natural inflexibility, a healthy relationship between the two signs is guaranteed. This relationship is among the most successful of the zodiac.